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Welcome to the East Coast Salt Therapy Clinic

After becoming passionate about the efficacy of Salt Therapy, we decided it was time Northern Ireland had a state of the art Salt Therapy Clinic utilising the most sophisticated technology for replicating a salt cave.

We provide affordable professional sessions for people of all ages and ailments. Whatever issue you may have our friendly, full trained, staff can advise you on the best course of treatment and tell you everything you need to know about the health benefits of Salt Therapy.

Our State of the art Salt Therapy System uses strategic sensors to monitor the salt levels in the atmosphere continually in our treatment rooms. Our Salt Cave experience is far superior to cheaper options, which are ineffective and potentially harmful.

We look forward to meeting you soon and helping you overcome the obstacles in your day to day life.

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Some interesting information from Salt Therapy Association on Mental Wellness and how relaxing in salt therapy can help.

To book a session call Jacqui 07730466714
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Lovely weather, but not good news for hayfever sufferers- why not try salt therapy as salt is a natural antihistamine and the natural anti inflammatory properties helps reduce and ease hayfever symptonsSALT THERAPY FOR HAYFEVER AND ALLERGIES
When your body reacts to an allergen, you may experience inflammation of your skin, sinuses, airways or digestive system. Salt therapy[y can reduce this inflammation by trapping airborne allergens and acting as an anti-bacterial agent in the respiratory system. In Russia the Ministry of Health references extensive evidence in favour of salt therapy and certifies it as an effective allergy treatment.
To book an appointment you can either contact me through facebook or on my mobile: 07730466714
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Did you know that the average school age child has 8-12 colds a year? Getting sick is no fun, and it can greatly affect school or work when you have to miss multiple days to recover. To help prevent illness, it’s important to maintain a healthy immune system. One great way to give your body the boost it needs is Salt Therapy.

Salt Therapy can help to clear up your respiratory tracks and expel any unwanted bacteria. The micro particles of dry salt in the air can act as a sponge and attack foreign substances. This keeps these bad particles out of your body and helps to clear up your lungs.

By cleansing and detoxifying your lungs, halotherapy enables your respiratory system to work more efficiently. This results in higher oxygen intake and more energy. As a result, your overall health will improve. Consistent sessions will help to maintain this boosted state and prevent illness.

Seasonal strands of the flu can persist year round, but the virus is most common between December and February As this peak of flu season rapidly approaches, it is extremely important to keep your immune system at its highest level of functioning to avoid getting sick.

In addition to clearing your respiratory system, salt therapy can also help lower your stress levels. Chronic stress can wear you down and weaken your immune system, so managing your stress is key to staying healthy.

In addition, it is also important to get adequate sleep, maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and wash your hands frequently to avoid infections.

If you do come down with a cold or flu, Salt Therapy can help lessen the duration of your illness and decrease the potency of your symptoms.
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Salt therapy can be very effective in easing symptoms associated with sinusitis, such as difficulty breathing, inflammation of the eyes and face, swollen nasal passages and headaches. Mucus is thinned by breathing in salty air, expelling bacteria from the body as it drains.

To book an appointment contact me either through facebook or by contacting me on my mobile:
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How Does It Work?


Salt has the following properties:

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Mucolytic effects: loosens excessive mucus and speeds up mucociliary transport
  • Removes pathogen agents (airborne pollen)
  • Reduces IgE level (immune system oversensitivity)

While relaxing in one of our treatment rooms, customers inhale the dry, salt-enriched air deep down into the lungs, where the healing benefits do their greatest healing. The salt loosens the mucus, which begins to clear quickly, and inflammation is reduced, which makes more room in the airways for you to breathe. Symptoms subside, sometimes for up to 12 months.

check out the benefits

  • Reduce the need for inhalers and antibiotics
  • Make your breathing easier after just a few sessions
  • Improve lung function
  • Reduce the number of hospital admissions
  • Alleviate sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath
  • Clear mucus and sticky phlegm from the lungs
  • Increase the resistance to respiratory tract diseases
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Prolong remission times
  • Improve general health and quality of life
The treatment's efficacy is estimated at 75-98% depending on conditions Enhance sport performance for professionals
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